The World’s Dumbest Feud Goes Nuclear


As most of my regular readers know, College Confidential and I have been engaged in the World’s Dumbest Feud (©2016 Your Mom) for some time now.  If you need the background you can find it here with an update here.

In a nutshell, the World’s Dumbest Feud (©2016 Your Mom) is a really stupid feud between me and the website College Confidential which led to me being banned from posting the continuation of my popular Hippie College Guide on CC.  I still have absolutely no idea why I was banned.  After I was banned, they left the content up, but cut off my access so that I could no longer post on the site.

Even in my absence, the thread continued and would sporadically come back to life.  Today, the poster who had previously called me “annoying” after I was first banned decided to question my judgment with respect to my decision to write about Boo’s college search.  S/he thought it was a bad idea.

In response, I created a “How Bad a Parent Is Your Mom?” poll on my Facebook page and linked to the poll on my blog.

Even though I am no longer on CC, the CC moderators still apparently feel compelled to monitor my Facebook page and/or blog.  (It’s like being monitored by the KGB.)

Anyway, it appears that my “Bad Mom” poll below made the College Confidential moderators mad enough to employ the nuclear option. They deleted the recent posts by other users, closed the Hippie Colleges thread, and removed it from the search results. I guess they don’t like me. They really, really don’t like me.

Or maybe they’ll drunk text me later and ask if they can come over.  Because they’re obviously obsessed with me. 😉 Continue reading The World’s Dumbest Feud Goes Nuclear