Hippie Colleges of the Northeast — The Final Chapter (Day 1)

Boo and I have safely arrived in Yonkers. I was very disappointed to not be greeted by the cast of “Hello Dolly” which is my primary mental association with the City of Yonkers. After two false starts (Did the contact lenses get packed? Where is Boo’s photo ID?), our trip to Newark was uneventful. Upon arrival, we picked up the rental car, and headed to Yonkers. We paid roughly a year’s salary in tolls on the way, and I drove a car on the Island of Manhattan for the first time. (Been driven around Manhattan many times before, but this is the first time I’ve driven.) I’m feeling very accomplished. It takes very little these days to make me pleased with myself.

Tomorrow, we head to accepted students’ day at Sarah Lawrence which is in Yonkers but pretends to be in swankier Bronxville. Because Sarah Lawrence. This will likely be the only time I actually spend on a campus because my main function on this trip is to act as chauffeur. (See, e.g., driving in Manhattan.) But that will give me lots of free alone time. I wonder what sort of trouble I can find?

Another Acceptance!

Another acceptance for Boo! This time to the University of Puget Sound.

This officially marks the halfway point of decisions. 6 down (Bard, Bennington, Lawrence, Lewis & Clark, Mills, UPS); 6 to go (Denison, Mount Holyoke, Sarah Lawrence, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Whitman).