Your Mom’s Guide to the Hippie(ish) Colleges of the Northeast — Part 2 (Prologue)

[Note: Your Mom’s Guide to the Hippie Colleges of America starts here with Part 1.]

Hello, my name is Page, and I am a Hippie College addict.

I’ve been in denial about my addiction for some time now, but I finally realized the seriousness of my problem when my definition of “Hippie College” started to include schools like Bryn Mawr and Barnard.

And even though I know I should not blame others for my problem, my addiction was fueled by my supplier, who appears in the guise of an innocent college counselor at Boo’s high school. She is, in reality, a Hippie College pusher. It was she who told Boo about some additional schools that she thought might be a good fit for Boo.

Then, Boo went and ended up doing better on her ACT’s than anyone had anticipated – which opened up a whole new world of colleges that Boo won’t get into — because no actual humans are admitted to those schools anymore. Only our alien overlords in human form are allowed to attend. Plus, Boo was heading to New York for the summer anyway to attend a vocal performance program at NYU.

So even though I now recognize that I have a Hippie College problem, I ended up with several extremely lame excuses for one last all-out Hippie College bender before I go cold turkey. During the trip, I’ll be attempting to wean myself off of Hippie Colleges with some days in Philadelphia and New York that will not include college visits.

But I don’t want to talk about that now because it makes me shake and feel nauseous. Time for a discussion of gender neutral bathrooms to make me feel better.

Next up — Day 1

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2 thoughts on “Your Mom’s Guide to the Hippie(ish) Colleges of the Northeast — Part 2 (Prologue)”

  1. Don’t be tempted by the schools the ACT scores might lure you to. Small, excellent hippie colleges are the way to go. We know several kids who chose Whitman over the Ivies, and they are so happy!!

    (Full disclosure: Kyle tanked the SAT’s. It was her essays and, to a lesser degree, her GPA that got her in to Whitman. And we love that: a school that looks beyond the numbers.)

    1. It’s not really having a material effect. We’re adding one Ivy to this tour (we had already planned to visit Brown) — but mostly because it’s in the neighborhood of another school we’re visiting and is fantastic for drama. The primary effect is that it changed some of her “reach” schools into “target” schools and made test optional a non-issue. I will be very, very, very surprised if she ends up interested in an Ivy (even my alma mater).

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