Your Mom’s Guide to the Hippie(ish) Colleges of the Northeast — Part 2 (Day 2)

Today, Boo and I took the day off from visiting Hippie Colleges to see some of the sites in the City of Brotherly Love.  We took a walking tour of “The Real Philadelphia” — meaning that it covered non-founding fathers sites.  (Yes, there are some of them in Philadelphia.)  Our guide was a millennial with the mandatory bushy beard that ruined an otherwise attractive face.  (What is it with kids these days?  And yes, I believe he was a cis-gendered male.  But these days, one never knows.  Also, I just discovered that WordPress autocorrects “cis” to “customer.”) Anyway, we learned a lot about graffiti, Smedley Darlington Butler and the “Business Plot” to stage a fascist coup against FDR, and Button Gwinnett (see the clip below).  And we walked.  And walked.  And walked.

And walked.

My feet may never recover.  But they have no choice.  (Not that my feet have their own independent thought processes but whatever.)  Tomorrow, we take another walking tour — this time the subject is our founding fathers.  I believe most of the founding fathers were customer-gendered, but what with the hair, anything is possible.  Then we drive to New England to prepare for a visit to one indisputably hippie college (alma mater of one of the gentlemen below) and a “might as well since we’re in the neighborhood.”

(LMM and Colbert explain Button Gwinnett.)

Next up — Days 3 and 4

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2 thoughts on “Your Mom’s Guide to the Hippie(ish) Colleges of the Northeast — Part 2 (Day 2)”

  1. As President of the Georgia Chapter of the “About Your Mom” fan club, I offer this one factoid about Button Gwinnett: His signature is among the most valuable of all the Founding Fathers’. Mainly because his career was so short and unremarkable that he left very few documents behind. I’m not making this up.

    1. Our guide mentioned that! Word is that one of his signatures is scheduled for auction (in Atlanta) soon. Starting bid is $800,000 — mere pocket change for you.

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