It’s Your Worst Nightmare! Your Mom Has Decided to Start Blogging.


We’ll start by getting the apologies out of the way.  First, to my daughter (who shall be known by her childhood nickname, “Boo”), I’m sorry.  You can send your therapy bills to me.

Second, to my own mother, I’m sorry.  You raised me to know better.  But you also taught me how to be snarky, and snarky you remain.  So you bear some of the blame.  I’ll be forwarding Boo’s therapy bills to you.

Third, to anyone who reads this blog, I started this blog based on some Facebook posts about taking Boo to visit colleges.  Some people who read the posts said that they were amused.  Or maybe they just think they’re funny in the “ha-ha-what-a-train-wreck” way.  If it turns out to be the latter, I’m sorry.  Think of the time you’ve spent here as a form of rubbernecking — which is almost always fun.

Lastly, if you attended Harvard or if you like Donald Trump, I will be making fun of you.  I am not at all sorry about that.



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